Fried Chicken Cutlets with Fresh Salad


DELICIOUS yet EASY quick weeknight dinner with Fried Chicken Breast Cutlets; they fry up quick  Season both sides of cutlets, dip in dish with a mix of ‘seasoned’ flour and Italian breadcrumbs  (parmesan cheese is really good addition too). I used a favorite all purpose seasoning, grill master seasoning, garlic powder, smoked paprika, S&P (& i always sneak turmeric in on my family…it WORKS everytime ♡) :D.  Heat 1 to 1 1/2 inch of oil in heavy skillet. Place cutlets in hot (not smoking) pan on medium (my burners run hot) heat. I set timer at 3 minutes per side and all ‘6′ turned out so golden crispy on outside yet moist tender on inside. Depends on heat level of stove but once a golden brown on first side, flip over and do other side same amount of time. While chicken was frying (I did 2 at a time) I threw together a fresh Ceasar Salad. Now I might have good anchovies from local Italian Grocer but this was a ‘quick’ weeknight dinner. So Panera’s Ceasar Dressing was tasty to us. Well, except for my granddaughter grabbing her favorite ranch (teens). Although it was typical romaine with parm, salt, pepper and croutons…I still grabbed the family favorites to set out for everyone to make their own choice. Most of us LOVE Ceasar Dressing.

THAT WAS SO GOOD…TO ALL OF US, that it’s going to be a very regular on our menu. Yes, I’m raving over it. It was that damn delicious.  My granddaughter had 2 and the 1 leftover next day. You might notice I couldn’t get them done fast enough lol, her & her dad were making their plates as fast as I got em done ♡ I’m all for something EASY that tastes amazing too. 

Try it and ENJOY!


Yeah…clean up can come later 




Oh it’ll cook thru no problem.

Actually I got the (what should have already been on my weekly menu…for the last 40 years; but I was so old school that I always bought whole chickens or mixed BEST BUY options) idea from the following blog, when flipping thru ideas for chicken…the image stopped me. Well…FRIED CHICKEN always does.

 The Spruce

Just goes to show how/why food photos can make a difference…matter.

I was just thinking thru last post that when I get a new phone…I’ll probably want to go thru updating many posts lol.

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