How to Make Tomato Sauce Like an Italian

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This recipe is so close to how I made mine this last time and so well done; I figured this was a good opportunity to use that “REBLOG” button  😆  I mean she did such a nice job at writing it all out (saved me from the task)…why not?
*although I didn’t use celery
Check out her post; she’s got nice photos, well written recipe & more ↔ 🍅 🍳 💞         ➺ like her mise en place 😆


And a couple/few of mine…↷

Added meat to mine  😉 ➺ 💓 😆🍴♨ 🍅 🍳





I love using roasted garlic!  Okay, I love all garlic…but the roasted garlic is sweet and soft like butter ♡ and I can so easily smash it, instantly making paste.



My Sardinian Life

Five years ago, I thought tomato sauce came from a can, jar or my Mothers kitchen. Today, that is a different story, for I have mastered the fine art of Italian tomato sauce. With all good Italian things, one requires patience and persistence.

If this is your first time making tomato sauce, I wish you luck and I hope my step-by-step photo guide helps.

I love Italian cooking and eating. I am a Canadian, who learned the fine art of Italian tomato sauce by trial and error, and a lot of questions. And this is what I came up with, I hope you enjoy.

How to Make Tomato Sauce Like an Italian

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