Easy Delicious Roasted Pork Shoulder

Sweet and Smokey, Tender and Juicy, Crispy Skin, Oven Roasted Pork Shoulder.

This flavorful, fall-apart-tender roasted pork shoulder is EASY and it’s fundamentally impossible to mess up
What an awesome dinner on a day I was tired. BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, cheater baked beans & already prepared salad.
I usually do a big pork shoulder LOW & SLOW. However, I didn’t have as much time so I cranked up the heat, crossed my fingers and BOOYAH! DELICIOUS!
Oven roasted pork butt (shoulder) that’s juicy and tender on the inside and has a dark crispy skin or brown crunchy crust on the outside. It worked perfectly.
I let the nicely marbled pork sit out about 30 minutes, letting it get to room temp; makes it cook better and more evenly.
Turn oven on 350°.
First I brushed (with pastry brush) liquid smoke all over it. Then I SEASON liberally (always put more pepper and garlic than you think you need. But not as much salt) over entire pork, you could stop at this point but I have favorite seasonings that I LOVE the FLAVOR of; so I also sprinkle with Goya Adobo seasoning (I love bitter orange), smoked paprika, cumin, Lawry’s Mediterranean seasoning (I don’t always use that one but it was calling for my attention?), onion powder, this other seasoning mix that my son likes a lot…called Johnny’s Seasoning  and I sprinkled brown sugar on top
I did put about 1 cup of water in roasting pan. It just seemed like a good idea…maybe? Seeing how good this turned out…I’ll stick with it. Maybe it helped with the moisture? I’ve also used apple cider before and that’s a delectable option! Try both. 😀
That’s it. Season, put in roasting pan, place in 350° oven for ‘about’ 5 hours or when Internal temperature is 190°….done ✔ I know, mine went to 200° & FAST 😀 yet it was still moist & juicy 😛
Damn…DELICIOUS 😉 ➺ 💓 😆🍴♨ shred with forks or slice/chop pork and serve with your favorite bbq sauce. There 2 schools on the sauce part; one likes it mixed into pulled pork, the other likes left as is with bbq sauce on top or side to use as you choose.
I made baked beans (doctored Bush’s, with brown sugar, molasses & mustard; ‘usually’ bacon but that disappeared via granddaughter) ❤ 🐷 🐽 🐖 and a store prepared salad; we love those 💓 😆 🍅 🌱 🌿 of course I lover fresh from farmer’s market homemade salads! BUT…there’s a lot of days we want to make life more simple, easy…quick.
Trader Joe’s Prepared Salads: Too lazy to make your own salad or need a quick healthy option for tomorrow’s lunch? Trader Joe’s has you covered with plenty of reasonably priced, delicious options.

Shout out to Bistro & others available at grocery stores.

This salad with cranberries & walnuts was very GOOD.

The prepared salads at Trader Joe’s are delish!