Simple French Onion Soup

Simple is the word. Yet still so tasty. My own pictures below video. Enjoy!

| Soup Recipes | AllRecipes“| YouTube

I went by the recipe in video above, from Allrecipes (link)

Of course I didn’t follow recipe exactly.

my changes below.

I large onion (or a couple small)

I used my homemade beef stock

2 cups (at least) Swiss cheese, grated (Gruyère cheese is BEST, little market near me didn’t have it!)

Sprinkling of parmesan

1 can of beef consommé

Little spoon of Better Than Bullion beef base (optional; I love using their bases; adds much flavor)

Couple dashes Worcestershire sauce

2 garlic cloves, minced

‘Toasted” French baguette slices

Although not the authentic French original, it tasted great! Made for an easier quick version that was still delicious!