The Windows to the Soul

🥕😇🤓😎👓🕶️ 🛵

Just got new lens; eye surgery. Happy

All of creation—people, animals, plants and inanimate objects—seems to be permeated…
by the essence of divine light.

As the retina, with a new GOOD replacement lens, corrects vision and allows us to see with a new eyesight, everything is so bright, vibrant, illuminated and brilliant.

We have all heard them described as ‘the windows to the soul… your eyes can give a lot of information away about your inner health.

Everything looked different, crisper, with colors more vibrant. Definitely the new eyes.

Cheerfully into the bright Arizona sunlight …with more knowledge and healthier eyecare. 🛵

In reading about vision, LIGHT and vibrant colors…I found the following read really interesting.

Taking a Bird’s-Eye View…in the UV | BioScience | Oxford Academic 🐦🐤🐣🐥🐓🦆🦅🕊️🐧

Since my eye surgery the world is now a brighter and more colorful place!

And my eyesight is so much better with the replacement lens used… more than I expected, much more.

I remember, although like a dream, that the doctor had more problems with mine than usual. He said the cataracts had hardened so much that he had to chisel at it; he said he needed a jack hammer 🔨⛏💉 😉 while trying to be so careful of the thin delicate lining of the eye. Now THATS procrastination!

Cataract surgery will restore the clarity of vision, and vibrancy of colors, that you experienced years earlier.