Just Another Weekend

Was a nice weekend … Thanks to my kids, God, good vibes & the right tribe… gratitude ALWAYS… love ♡

Hangin with my kids (they’re in their 40’s) is simply happiness…good energy. I love it.

And that’s my life.

awareness ↔ blessed 🔁 family good people GRATEFUL my kids 😍 💞 ☮ love ➡ vibes
our vibrations 📳🙅🎇🎆🙌💡🤗 my tribe.

As i type this i cant see. I have cataracts along with poor vision. I get eye surgery this week. And 2 weeks after that. So I’ll be back to edit

Alexa…play Norah Jones

This one is for the beautiful girl behind me ♡



.this is who was bumping into me when i attempted recording .