Loosely adapted (I just used their video in hopes it’s helpful).

I simply put chicken in slow cooker, poured Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce over chicken, turned it on low & left it for 6 hr, right before dinner…put under broiler, to brown. In meantime, i made cucumber salad. Refreshing side to go with the Barbeque flavors. This time I used Olive Garden Italian dressing. Salt and pepper to season. It didn’t make a pretty plate, chicken was falling apart, but it tastes Damn Delicious , for real. I will be making that more often, especially with the heat coming. Today was 99° so here comes the slow cooker hahaha. Anyway was all good. Very tasty.

Adapted from this cookbook, but i made it easier.

Hope i got that right because I’m really tired… Snoozzzzzz