Freezing Peppers | Food Prep


I have always prepped, sliced, diced, chopped and freeze peppers (onions too!); since the kids were little…on the farm. It’s because of how much I love having that available when I’m cooking. Being able to grab already prepared items like that while cooking was too nice not to. And now it’s also good for not having produce go to waste also.

So I simply wash and prepare them for multiple uses by having some diced, some sliced (think fajitas). Then I put them in freezer bags and label. Although, I did skip the labeling this time; I know what it is  😀 You wouldn’t believe the size of it then, had a big garden. And people to feed. Now it’s downsized a bit. But…I even do prep ahead stuff like that when I live alone. Usually a Sunday, after grocery store…separate and prepare food to freeze and/or make cooking easier for the week. When I live alone, I do it by and for a month.

So that’s what I did today…while preparing other foods at same time. I’ve got chicken cooking for chicken salad…AGAIN; WELL, I live on that stuff while it’s over 110°, there’s not a lot of motivation with that heat, nor big appetites.  Works for me! Rest of my family makes sandwiches or leftovers when not dinner time; on their own, hahaha. Okay, I  (we) do still wait on Lilli ♡