Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake


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Recipe save & share, thank you very much! It is DELICIOUS!

That’s all that’s left 😀

Loosely adapted from this and Nigella’s

– by Nigella. Featured in FEAST

Named in honour of the four choc-factors that comprise its glory: cocoa to make the cake; chocolate chips or morsels to fold into it; a chocolate syrup to drench it once out of the oven; flakily sliced dark chocolate to top it before slicing.

I love this for tea, even for weekend breakfast, or late at night when its melting squidginess tends to fall darkly on to my white sheets – and I don’t care. It’s always wonderful as a pudding: put it on the table, ready to slice,

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A feast for the eyes and the senses…

I should point out, especially while I am unable to do much with hands/arms (Cervical radiculopathy)…this was courtesy of my daughter ♡