idk Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

idk Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

with Vegetables 😉

well…I felt like I was in the chopped kitchen! I started with a plan to make a dijon maple sheet pan chicken dinner. I had this jar of mustard that I got from farmer’s market and after mixing as recipe said (3 tbs mustard, 2 tbs maple syrup and 2 tbs soy sauce), I didn’t like it. The mustard hit me hard. When I added just a little more syrup it was tasting too much like just maple syrup; I already tasted the soy so I wasn’t going further with that. BUT, that soy sauce flavor made me think of my ginger garlic paste. mmm…was tasting better yet now needed more sweet, so I made about 1/4 cup of brown sugar and then I liked it. I thought it just needed a little kick. I tried a pinch of crushed red pepper, wasn’t quite there, tried a pinch of cayenne, not quite…so I went for chili paste, about a tsp., that was it. In the meantime I had got out coconut oil for pan and that scent made me want to eat it. Bamm, got out coconut milk. This was going to go really good…or really bad. Tasted good to me, so I got my chicken that was marinating in buttermilk (yeah, I started out on a whole other page), strained it and poured mustard-turned-teriyaki-turned-coconut milk sauce mixture over chicken. I had a couple/3 hours before dinner so I let it marinade in fridge.

I also used a second sheet pan for vegetables; sweet potatoes, green beans and mushrooms; with a few onion slices and garlic cloves; tossed in evoo with salt and pepper.

Spread chicken out on one pan, added salt and pepper. Vegetables on another.

Put chicken in 425° oven for 30-40 minutes. Put the vegetables 10-15 minutes after the chicken.

Mixed up a small bowl of same ingredients, minus the maple syrup, very little coconut milk and a little more brown sugar to baste chicken during last few minutes in oven.

It turned out really good! A little sticky but delicious.

Started out with chicken in buttermilk 😆

Then I was heading for mustard maple glazed chicken

wasn’t feeling it … so that’s when I turned toward teriyaki flavors.

finally I grabbed that can of coconut milk ♡ and a little chili paste for slight kick.

then with very little coconut milk and other flavors in marinade, I whipped up enough to brush on chicken during last few minutes in oven

tossed veggies in evoo with salt & pepper

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