What I’ve been Cooking

…when I don’t feel like cooking*. QUICK, EASY, TASTY!

I’ve been so into one pot/skillet pasta meals. I always go back to a previous post

One Pot Andouille Sausage Skillet Pasta

for measurements, to get ratio of liquid to dry pasta ratios. This last one was using ground beef instead of sausage, Italian seasonings and Italian cheeses.

I’ve done multiple variations, depending on what I have available. Below are images of one I made when I had Colby and Cheddar Cheeses. It could be made with Mexican flavors, chili, Cajun or Creole, etc., by changing meat, seasonings and cheese. I like to use small pastas, like below was small shells. The one this post is on was mostaccioli. We like the little bit of added cream (or half & half if that’s what you have; or evaporated milk) to tomato sauce. And GARLIC…just sayin’. I don’t mix cheese in it on stove top; it cooks for 14 minutes, then I add cheese on top and put it under broiler until cheese is melted, bubbly…to desired results. It’s like homemade hamburger helper but BETTER! Or lamb, ground turkey/chicken, any sausage…and CHEESIER.


*it’s already above 90° here, with AC on now…for rest of summer. So here we go….quick, easy, slow cooker, blah blah blah…


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