Pacific Cod en Papillote

Pacific Cod en Papillote

I don’t use a recipe; the oven is usually 400°- 425°, for 15 minutes, depending on thickness of fish.

I used Pacific cod but any white fish with vegetables (that will cook at same time)…in this case I used zucchini and yellow squash, along with lemon and orange slices, red onion 🍋🍊🐟 seasoning, fresh parsley, sliced scallions and olive oil.

On as many squares of parchment paper as you have servings.

Toss veggies in evoo, salt, pepper, and toss together. I make a bed for fish 😉 🛏 🐡💤 with the veggies, place fish that’s also w/evoo on it and seasoned on both sides… on top of vegetables, lay citrus slices on top of fish, w/salt, pepper, garlic powder, parm, red onion, parsley, scallion….🤔 (did I remember everything?) it might sound like an odd combination but it turned out good…tasty! Fold and seal each pouch 📩 🎉

Cooking fish en papillote keeps fish moist and gently steams fish inside paper; you can also use foil instead.

EASY, HEALTHY and delicious 😊


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