Ninja Foodi Flavorful Chicken Breasts and Cauliflower Rice


I first checked out CookingwithDoug and adapted from that, with chicken breasts instead of legs. Also, with my daughter on #whole30 diet…I’ve been adding seasonings and condiments that kick up FLAVOR! 😁 Like coconut aminos 😉 🥥 and Himalayan Pink Salt with Black Pepper and Garlic from McCormick , etc.. I don’t measure so I’d recommend going to his YouTube at link above if you need that 🤭 My chicken is marinating in a mixture of orange juice, lime juice, evoo, garlic, onion, pepper, and a little Goya adobo bitter orange seasonings. Just sayin’. And a fresh salad breaks it up nicely!😋 By the way, I used both racks because I had 6 split chicken breasts; took about 20 minutes, checked chicken temperature throughout cooking.

Oh & cilantro? I dry my own, but use bottle from other products to store 😉 plus there’s cilantro in my Lawry’s seasoning ⤵️ 😁 Yeah I use all that, but I taste as I go. 😋 Really one favorite all purpose seasoning is good enough.
🤫 for whole30 diet, use homemade or straight bone broth 😉
I was going to use the coconut aminos for flavor of this, but my daughter took it to work 🤪 she puts it on everything now.