Fish & Chips/ & Mussels 😉

EASY Fried Fish and air fryer french fries 🐟🍟😁 AND steamed MUSSELS with garlic butter sauce.

I still go old school with frying fish! Air fryer is great for fries 😉

I always check (& usually follow) Cooking with PhillyBoyJay on YouTube ; check out that link for details. I fried my Alaskan Cod Fillets in cast iron skillet, french fries in air fryer and steamed mussels (from Trader Joe’s) in garlic butter sauce. I used coconut flour with Himalayan pink salt with pepper and garlic, fried in coconut oil; only so my daughter could have some too…who’s on the whole30 diet. Turned out GREAT! DELICIOUS!
Air fryer fries on high for 15 – 20 minutes, checking them in between.
Steamed mussels with a garlicky butter sauce until they opened.

Was all GOOD❗🥰