Slow Cooker Italian Beef Stew with Tomato and Wine sauce

I’m still testing Omaha Steaks Slow Cooker Meals 😉 During the Wuhan China virus I ordered more food from there and Schwan’s. They’ve all been good. I’m sure most know that homemade is better, but for quick easy meals…they’re GREAT! (said like Tony the Tiger) 🐯 Both companies are known for having quality products 🤷‍♀️ It’s really been giving me a break during the pandemic created by China aka the wuhan virus aka covid19 aka the coronavirus (that’s political correctness gone wild) 🤯 Anyway, the stew is delish!

Real Omaha Steaks beef sirloin tips that are aged at least 21 days for tenderness and flavor, tomatoes, baby carrots, onions, smoky bacon, and fire-roasted red peppers… they all come together in a rich Italian sauce made with Burgundy wine and beef stock for this delicious and easy slow cooker stew. Just take it from the freezer, place it in the slow cooker in the morning… and hours later, it’s dinner.
Real Omaha Steaks beef sirloin tips
Premium-quality ingredients
Made without gluten-containing ingredients
Freezer-to-slow cooker easy
Serves a family of four
Nothing satisfies like Nonna’s stew… you can actually taste the hours she spent in the kitchen, chopping and mixing classic Italian ingredients with love and care. But you’re not her, and you’ve got work today.
This satisfying all-included Omaha Steaks Slow Cooker meal requires no cutting of vegetables, no prepping the meat, and no follow up. Just add it to your slow cooker before work in the morning and head out. When you come home, the house will smell amazing and dinner will be ready.
Starting with real Omaha Steaks beef sirloin tips that braise for hours to tenderness in a blend of Burgundy wine and beef stock, along with tomatoes, smoky bacon, baby carrots, onions, fire-roasted red peppers… this hearty, all-included Italian stew is something you can be proud to serve your family. Plus, it’s made without gluten-containing ingredients.
Omaha Steaks Slow Cooker Meals are all about… no prep, no work, no worries. These exclusive family meals feature premium ingredients from Omaha Steaks, perfectly prepped for your slow cooker. Pour straight from your freezer into the slow cooker or electric pressure cooker, set the temperature, and go about your day. Try them all today!


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