Jammin’ it

wow, this post surprised me. Not for the recipe, although good, but because somehow. ..she managed to make me miss living on the farm 😦
It was the big pear tree. Oh sure, we had apple, plums & cherry trees. Yet it was something in the photos…with the pears & the toddler. It gave me a big flashback. And the thought of the grandkids there. No…I’d never go back to cold or a big place to care for. Not without my husband. It is only because i lost him…my best friend, my kids’ dad & my rock, that I downsized to begin with.
Funny, I never miss it. I’m happy with downsizing & moving to the warmer Arizona. I mean, if I am to be alone…I have to have what I can handle. To be honest…I was very spoiled! I loved what I did. But the only reason I could live that way (horses, snowmobiles, kids & more kids, cooking, baking, canning, freezing, hanging laundry outdoors, etc., etc….) was because of him. He took care of garden, helped with horses, pool, house, yard AND worked for General Motors! Oh I’m happy….as much as I can be without him. I absolutely, without any doubt, am beyond glad that I moved to what I prefer for my environment. SUNSHINE…wide open spaces, mountains, clear skies, stars…breathless skies and warmth. 😀
Also I like the easier lifestyle of less work! He would’ve loved it. He actually finally realized it was better & wanted to stay in Arizona too. It was too late. I couldn’t convince him to make that move early enough! There’s a lot of maybes. However, I don’t dwell on stuff like that. I have to stay looking forward…because that’s the direction I am going.

Still…it was a nice little thought as I recognized those pears ♥

I find myself ones again in Bulgaria for a spill. Fall is different over here. Warm and colourful. Temperature is still in the 20’s and promises to stay there for the next couple of weeks or so, which makes me very happy indeed.

Upon arriving home I am greeted by the sight of what seemed like a thousand jars…every possible shelve, pathway and worktop was piled sky high!
It’s an exciting time of the year, when all the winter preserves are being made. Pickled cucumbers and all sorts of other veggies, summer “mandja” (Balkan version of Ratatouille) sour chillies, lovely jams and spreads, and judging by the sheer volume of food, the allotment has been very good to us this year! Looks like I missed most of the action though…hope there’s something left for me to do…”Here you go”, my granddad walks in carrying a bagful of fruit “The last…

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