white bean and kale soup


I didn’t follow directions …of course…but this sure sounds delicious. I will next time.
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I sure do love chorizo .. any kind of pork…let’s get real


I went with what I already had…ham.




I went with garlic peppercorn 😉

DINNER is done & this kind of soup will be even better tomorrow.


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Kale may be my new food addiction. I can’t get it out of my mind and continue to think of recipes that kale goes well in. This is a delicious recipe. The ingredients are simple yet the flavors are fantastic. The beans were simmered with  onions and garlic and the cooking liquid is combined with the chicken stock, thus, giving the broth more complexity.

For those who are wondering if canned beans would work, I suggest not. Canned beans tend to break apart quickly and are softer. IF you decide on canned beans, it is recommended to add them near the end so they can heat up. They should not be simmered during the cooking process. The addition of the chorizo is optional. It makes for a great salty and spicy bite and a great garnish but is not necessary as this soup is perfect without it. Please note, my photos do…

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