– from Land O Lakes

I usually make this the morning after taco night. Leftover tortillas I love the taste and every time I take a bite of a corn tortilla the morning after…Chilaquiles pop in my head…since the first time they were made for me in 1996.

Mine aren’t neatly cut today, they’re just ripped into pieces. And recipes do not have to be followed to a ‘T’ with these…like in baking; recipes basically give a guideline, for some ingredients and approx amounts/ratios.



Another example  (adding avocado/yumm)…

Mexican Breakfast Chilaquiles

Along with Roja (red), i also love Chilaquiles Verde (green).


– via cookieandkate

Although I never ‘bake’ my tortillas. Whatever works for YOU 😀 I also always made them stovetop, not oven. Just sayin. However  the oven works great when topped with the eggs! Yes…I’m liking this.