Mississippi Roast

Mississippi Roast

This is now a classic. And with my family, a favorite go-to’s, good eats!

*note, l like to sear my roast first. 😉🔥🐮🌶

I first learned about this recipe from seeing Robin Chapman on TV. I think it was on The Kitchen but below is one when she was on GMA

Watch “Mississippi Roast Recipe That ‘Owns The Internet'” on YouTube

This recipe seems so odd when you read it and put it together. It is however just as easy as it sounds; literally putting ingredients in slow cooker and leaving it. Although I did choose to sear mine first. As odd as it sounds, it really is GOOD and will now become one of our go-to recipes.

Since the original is such a big hit and “owns the internet”… I wanted to follow it exactly as is. It is flexible though. And how you serve it is to your preference also. My daughter wanted it on mashed potatoes. Egg noodles or rice would be nice. This would be great on a good hoagie roll or a good artison, crusty bread too.

Delish and video below explains:
this isn’t just any pot roast. No, the Mississippi Roast has garnered so much attention and applause online that even The New York Times has heralded it as “the roast that owns the internet.” And, oddly enough, the creator of the original recipe, Robin Chapman, says that this recipe is actually an adaptation of a roast beef recipe given to her by family in the early 1990s.

Because the original roast was much too spicy for her small children, she chose to make it milder and more versatile. Her family loved it, her fellow parishioners at the nearby church loved it, and soon enough food blogs started loving it. Fast forward about 15 years and Chapman’s creation is plastered all over the internet, with food-lovers, home cooks, and newspaper and magazine editors completely freaking out (and probably drooling) over it.

We tried it and YES it’s DELICIOUS


One 3- to 4-pound boneless beef roast, your choice of cut (see Cook’s Note)
1 stick (8 tablespoons) butter
1 package au jus gravy mix
1 package dry ranch dressing mix, such as Hidden Valley
Pepperoncini peppers, number to your liking, and a little juice
Salt and freshly ground pepper, if desired


Put the roast in a slow cooker. Add the butter, au jus gravy mix, ranch dressing mix and pepperoncini peppers and juice. Add salt and pepper if you like and cook on low until tender, about 8 hours.

Cook’s Note

Sometimes we use chuck, sometimes sirloin tip, sometimes rump.

It’s EASY and truly is tasty.

Remember the original SHREDS the beef and on LOW for 8 hours, ours got done sooner. I put it on LOW at 10:30 and it was done at 5:30.

I missed getting some better pics when finished because the family dug in!

Great leftover too! As is or on a hoagie type roll with cheese; I could go on 😁

Can’t stop eating it!

Great on cauliflower mash too!