Country-Style Pork Ribs

Country-Style Pork Ribs in the oven

I looked at a recipe for Pork Smoking Country-Style Ribs to scan basics, like internal temperature, low & slow, timing…but, I wasn’t smoking so I used the oven at a little higher temperature, 300°. My plan was to season (I used MCCORMICK® GRILL MATES® BROWN SUGAR BOURBON SEASONING) and S&P) , cover good with foil and leave in oven for 2 hours. Then uncover, turn temperature down to 200°, add favorite bbq sauce and bake another hour. BUT…they were fall apart tender when I went to add bbq sauce so instead…for that step I turned broiler on, put them under broiler until desired doneness on sauce. They were not only delicious, they were moist and only required a fork! Our sauce this time was Sweet Baby Ray’s with vidalia onion. I served them with fried potatoes and onions and a salad. I know I should have plated better! However, it’s still 95° here (only for another week!!!🥵). I wanted out of the kitchen and to EAT 🤣

Balsamic vinegar & evoo on my salad 😉 🥗

Until I get a new smoker, I’ll be faithful to this method! 🥰

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I used 2 pans…

Good stuff!

Just as good next day for lunch!


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