Thanksgiving 2019

Always a 2 day event for my house 😉 My daughter always has everyone over…for an awesome Thanksgiving AND those of us at my house…still want all those leftovers 🤭 🦃🍗🥔🥧😁 This year I did ours the day before; we decided that there’s so much food and so much variety at daughter’s house that we won’t be tired of ANYTHING there 🥰 Typically we’ve done it “after”. Well, changed it only because the bird was thawed…long story. Anyway, Day 1, Wednesday 11/27/2019…⤵️

Oh, by the way, I’ve been using this same roasting pan for over 40 years, since even before the farm. It seems as though my bird wanted out of there; like he’s really trying to jump out! 🤣
Butter under & over skin, seasoning, & stuffed; I also make dressing, both.
Maybe I will fit a salad in 🤭 NOT

ROUND 2 ⤵️

I didn’t get to the turkey before it was cut up 🤣
Well…I got the before 🤷‍♀️⤵️
BUTTER 😁 seasoning & herbs
Well! 🥂 ching-ching
YUMM! & I had to take dessert home! 🥧 🍰 😁

Stuff piled on top of stuff 🤭😋

The surroundings….

An arm in the mouth of a pit⤵️ 😱 🤭 🐺
How many drinks was that? 🥂🤣

By the time I got home it started to sprinkle 🌦 even the hummingbirds appreciate that in the desert 🐦