Chile Verde & Chile Roja

with “leftover” pork 😁🐖🌶

Or Chile Colorado. I lightly browned pork in a little oil…in 2 separate pans; for chile verde/green chile I added 1 can of diced green chile (Hatch 🤭) & a jar of La Victoria Salsa Verde. For chile roja or chile Colorado I used multiple kinds of softened chile pods, guajillo, Hatch New Mexico & chipotle…with onion, garlic, a little broth (to desired consistency & taste) & seasoning in blender, then poured over other pork. Typically chunks of pork is used but I had a LOT of leftover pork from day before.

Rice I lightly toasted 1 cup long grain white rice with chopped onion in little oil, added a couple tbsp of tomato sauce, a couple pinches of Knorr chicken bouillon, 3 cups water, btb/its, cover for 25 minutes.

with leftover pork 😉 🐖 🌶 🌮

Smokin’ 😜🌶