Roast Chicken Leg Quarters w/Turmeric

Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters w/Turmeric 

I should call this LAZY CHICKEN!

We are enjoying my latest roast chicken immensely, so I made it again without changing a thing.  Roasted Turmeric Chicken, Chicken Leg Quarters seasoned w/ turmeric & your favorite seasoning! garlic powder, Seasoning Salt, sea salt.  Cheapeats but so yummy.

Oven on 425°, I use a silicone liner on sheet pan (parchment paper is good), season generously on both sides, put in oven skin side up for 45 – 55 minutes or until thermometer reads 165°. I baked potatoes at same time and when they were fork tender…I checked internal temp of chicken, yes it was 190° 😀 HOWEVER, it was still juicy! And delicious. By the way, I do take the pan out with pot holders and ‘slightly…slowly’ tip to drain most of juices off pan during cooking; when checking on it and I see its too much. The chicken will slide easily off silicone so I repeat “slightly tip”




with your favorite sides of course. ♡

One below was before I used silicone or parchment lining; you can see that some of skin stuck to pan…leaving a few naked spots. 

I’ve been getting this chicken on sale at such a great price (67 cents a lb?!) & everyone likes it.  

Last time was with sweet potatoes and rice.

I’ve also done this with frozen bone-in chicken… 30 minutes each side, done.

I do use a meat thermometer. Just sayin

And we do same with chicken breasts. Hey, the oven is self cleaning, top of stove and surrounding area…not.