No Recipe Needed Slow Cooker Chicken

Slow Cooker Chicken

… finally no mystery for me anymore. I came late to the slow cooker game. But I’ve used it enough now that I no longer need a recipe!

I just use my favorite seasonings or the flavors I’m going for at the time, put it in slow cooker and let it go. It can be from frozen, marinade, with liquid or without.

Knowing if your slow cooker runs hot helps also. I’ve learned to use lower setting yet the less time. Depending on how soon I want it done. PRACTICE.





I wanted gravy 😀 I ladle sauce into saucepan & make a quick pan sauce; because we love gravies &/or sauces! Simply making a slurry (cornstarch & water) & whisking it into sauce. That gravy is so good my granddaughter comes back for just a bowl of that. Is that bad? My daughter goes back for stuffing, potatoes or whatever there is to put the gravy on.


Also,  you CAN sear or brown meats in skillet first.


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