Mini Turkey Pot Pies

Mini Turkey Pot Pies

Savory diced turkey and a mixed blend  of colorful vegetables in a creamy turkey gravy, all made perfectly complete in a flaky pie crust; making these mini turkey pot pies an ideal and delicious comfort food.

With Thanksgiving leftovers…my first go-to is tasty pot pies. Simply turkey, gravy and a medley of the classic pot pie vegetables…you get quite the taste pleasing delight.

Especially with gravy made from a rich stock by cooking the carcass, carrots, onion, celery, herbs, seasonings…including Better Than Bouillon.
Wrap that up in a flaky pastry and yummO.
Now that’s saying more than I typically do in food posts. I like to go straight to recipe; that is most likely one’s reason for clicking on a food post. I know I’m not too fond of scrolling AND SCROLLING to get to recipe. That’s why I’ve, over time, gotten to where I add most images AFTER recipe also.
This post could have been broken down to two words ➪ EASY & DELICIOUS

I have scrolled thru a lot of recipes due to my not measuring (lol) & i see most make a roux first, etc., I suppose that would depend on the thickness of leftover gravy. Mine didn’t need it. I simply put a couple cups of gravy in saucepan; added a couple cups each of diced turkey and frozen mixed vegetables. Heated it up, cooking while I got pie crust ready (either store bought or homemade); three 9″ pie crusts are enough for my family. You might have to roll some just a little bit more, along with scraps to make it go farther. I pressed circles of crust a size that fit into buttered, greased or sprayed muffin tin. Then filled each pie cup with filling and topped it with smaller pie crust circles. Cut slits in top crust, brushed with heavy cream.

Baked at 425° for 20 minutes.

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