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My granddaughter’s favorite so I’m still trying out different recipes; that’s because there are the super quick versions, easy versions & my favorite (that I keep going back to & know I’ll stick with…imho just as easy) using nice chicken cutlets & doing the dredging method, finished in oven.

My favorite pasta with this is most often Bucatini; hers is mostly fettuccini (linguine…sometimes penne or rigatoni), heck, who can have a favorite pasta?! Like fresh homemade/handmade basic pasta, in easy cut ribbons…tagliolini and tagliatelle made with egg pasta. Even larger Pappardelle.

Actually I’m blessed to have an Italian grocer nearby #EVOO 🥗 🥂 😁 💞 🛵 local Italian grocer #DolceVitaItalianGrocer Mesa Arizona ♡

Okay, onto the chicken parm 😍 at the link below…

Chicken Parmesan

Recipe courtesy of Food NetworkKitchen

…or without pasta 😊

Or when I make more & need a larger baking dish 😉🐔🧀