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Note: the “must change” or “reload” on this…FRESH MOZZARELLA! Not the rubbery stuff that’s typically in chicken parm recipes…that ends up like a weird rubbery stuff. I had tried different options from grocery store, like sliced, shredded, etc., only to still not be satisfied with end result regarding the cheese part.

My granddaughter’s favorite so I’m still trying out different recipes; that’s because there are the super quick versions, easy versions & my favorite (that I keep going back to & know I’ll stick with…imho just as easy) using nice chicken cutlets & doing the dredging method, finished in oven.

My favorite pasta with this is most often Bucatini; hers is mostly fettuccini (linguine…sometimes penne or rigatoni), heck, who can have a favorite pasta?! Like fresh homemade/handmade basic pasta, in easy cut ribbons…tagliolini and tagliatelle made with egg pasta. Even larger Pappardelle.

Actually I’m blessed to have an Italian grocer nearby #EVOO 🥗 🥂 😁 💞 🛵 local Italian grocer #DolceVitaItalianGrocer Mesa Arizona ♡

Okay, onto the chicken parm 😍 at the link below…

Chicken Parmesan

Recipe courtesy of Food NetworkKitchen

…or without pasta 😊

And I’ll never use the slices or shredded mozzarella for chicken parm again. Just an update. Leaving this post though, for rest of recipe.

Or when I make more & need a larger baking dish 😉🐔🧀