A Week’s Dinner Mélange

some favorites

Like Reubens...on English muffins, chicken enchiladas, that sheet pan cooking 😉

Sausage with Acorn Squash and brussel sprouts – it’s what I had 🤭

First time I’ve had them break, but was still delicious & juicy 🥰

🥰 ⤵️ and… English Muffin Reubens

🥰 ⤵️ Chicken Enchiladas

Although I must add, I only use one can of cream soup, the roasted garlic one is a good option! AND…I sometimes make my own 😉 & less sour cream.

My granddaughter’s request, Chicken Patties, with mac & cheese and a salad 🥰 🧀🍗 🥬🥒

She left me ONE 🤣😉😁🐓


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